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Love them like they're human but treat them like a dog

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Helping You Help Your Pet

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and I believe it’s never too late to train any pet. My services are designed with you and your pet in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your animal. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients, and their pets, come away with every time - guaranteed.


1 on 1 Private Lessons

This (1 on 1) hands on program, is designed to help those owners that need some guidance with:

  • Master the walk (Eliminate Pulling, Barking, Excitable Behavior)

  • Sit/Stay

  • Down/Stay

  • Place Command

  • Heel

  • Recall/Come

  • Kennel up

  • Waiting for Food

  • Waiting at Thresholds (Doors, Car, Crate, etc.)

  • Jumping, Nipping, Mouthing

  • Excessive Barking

  • Counter-Surfing

  • Swimming in the pool

Cost: $250 per lesson (training session are 2 hours long on average)

All 1 on 1 sessions include a video or phone follow up 3 - 4 weeks after our initial training session. If we are working with multiple pets, please be aware there is a $50 additional charge.

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Accommodating Your Lifestyle

I typically book 1 to 2 months in advance so reservations are required.

Board & Train program includes:

An at home training session at the end of the program where I'll transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you.

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Dog Behaviorist

I founded All Dogs Training in 2011. After meeting my pack, a few of my coworkers asked me to help them with their family pets. They loved the results so much they began referring me out to their friends and family. At first this was a side "hustle" but I quickly realized that this was my passion and I had a unique skill for helping people and their pets build a stronger bond. I've been around animals my whole life and always had a love for our four legged family members. I grew up on 5 acres of land and raised chickens, rabbits, ducks, dogs, and pigs. The element of respect and caring for these individual animals was instilled in me at very early age. 

Passionate, patience, persistent, and leadership. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe my style. I know everyone's pet is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them guidance that is tailored to their needs. This is my commitment to you and your pet.

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My Pack From Left to Right

Apollo is a very close family friend and have been around my pack since the beginning. Apollo was with my pack for a few years before leaving to live with my best friend. He still comes and visits till this day.  

Next is Kobe, I rescued him from the Arizona Humane Society when he was 6 months old. He loves to hike and walks. Pool time is his favorite time and he enjoys pulling me on my long board. 

Now we have Petey boy! Petey is my 14 year old senior pup and is a big part of how I got started working with dogs and their behavioral issues. He is full of love and also loves the pool!

Gunther aka my gentle giant. Gunther was given to me when he was around 2 years old. He loved to play with his brother Kobe, hike with his dad and of course the pool and ocean were his favorites. He lived a long life and was one of my best friends. His memory will be with me forever….. 

Finally my sweet Bella girl! She was so full of life and absolutely loved he pack of brothers. She loved doing anything with me and was so affectionate. She will also forever be in my memories…..

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Taking the dog for a walk

"Discipline isn't about showing a dog who's boss; it's about taking
responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world"

Cesar Millan

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Get in touch with All Dogs Training and let us know how we can help! Let me know who referred you and receive a discount. 

Mesa, AZ, USA


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