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Teresa & Layla

I reached out to Sergio after relocating to Phoenix AZ 3 years ago. I had a pit bull who had been my loyal companion for 9 years, but after adopting a second dog I was struggling with obedience, separation anxiety, and ultimately home destruction. I felt the 2 dogs together did not respect me and gave me anxiety as they were often escaping from the back yard or destroying my home.

Sergio spent time with me and the two pups and was able to identify exactly what was going on in “our pack”. He gave me the tools & support that I needed to be the “pack leader” and re-establish the dominant role in my home. I am forever grateful to him for saving my relationship with Layla who is now 12 years old.

I have been able to refer quite a few people to Sergio based on Layla’s amazing demeanor & obedience.

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