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Aggression Training - Behavior Modification

Please contact for pricing

Length of training will be determined by how severe the aggression


Please note that currently all aggression training is done with a 1 on 1 private session.

My Approach:

I firmly believe that there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dog behavior. That's why I perfer to take a tailored, no cookie-cutter approach to training. I understand that every dog is an individual, and their aggression issues require a personalized strategy.

What you can expect from aggression training:

  • 1 on 1 Attention: I provide individualized training sessions to give you and your dog my full focus. This allows me to understand your dog's specific triggers and work on them effectively.

  • Behavior Modification: My training programs are designed to modify your dog's behavior in a positive and sustainable way. I use balanced training techniques to encouage desired behaviors.

  • Education: I don't just train your dog, I also focus on educating you. I believe that informed owners make for happy and well-balanced pets. You'll learn how to communication effectively with your dog and understand their needs.

  • Fulfilling Your Dogs Needs: I prioritize fulfilling your dog's physical and mental needs, ensuring they lead a balanced and happy life.

  • Safety Measures: Safety precautions are crucial, especially when dealing with an aggressive dog. I may recommend the use of a muzzle or other safety equipment during training.

  • Patience and Time: It's important to understand that behavior modification takes time, and progress may be slow in the begining. Consistency and patience are key!

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